One of the most stressing issues for a man is when he thinks he cannot live up to hisJelqing responsibility in bed. This, however is a myth, as an intimate physical relationship is not pinned to the size of one’s Manhood. Although it can be said that the confidence to deliver a great sexual experience could be related to penis size in terms of length and girth. Jelqing penis enlargement or enhancement is one of the methods to achieve increased penis size for those who feel they need a little more lead in their pencil !

What Is Jelqing?
This can be defined as a method of natural penus enlargement in which an individual pulls, squeezes and strokes his manhood. This is believed to force blood flow to the glans penis (tip of the penis) which, if done habitually, eventually leads to stretching of penile length and increases its girth. Simply put, it is a natural penus enlargement process achieved by ‘milking’ action on this organ. This is because it is done in a similar manner as manual milking of a cow. It owes it origin from Middle-East but it is now a very common thing in many societies including the west due to internet popularity among sex bloggers and sex experts.

How Does Jelqing Work?
Penile sizes are as varied as the faces in the population but most fall within the normal acceptable ranges. Some people; however, genuinely have smaller and shorter penises and therefore may require some sort of enhancement. They can achieve this by jelqing. The penile tissue is made up of muscles and large blood vessels. During erection, the penis is engorged with blood making it longer, stronger and wider. Just like the skeletal muscles in your arms, chest and abdomen; penile muscles also respond to exercise by synthesizing more components therefore becoming bulkier.
Jelqing increases blood flow to the penile tissue, engorging it and therefore distending it. At the same time, pulling, stretching and stroking leads to growth of the penile muscles. This is what is believed to increase the length and girth of the penis.

How Is Jelqing Done?
The process resembles masturbation but it is not exactly the same. In this case you are supposed to make an okay sign with the thumb and the index finger of your dominant hand (for most people, the right hand). Using, both these fingers, apply pressure and stroke your penis upwards. This will lead to successive engorgement with blood until the penile tissue is tense, strong and stiff. Do this over and over but ensure that you only apply appreciable amounts of pressure as the blood vessels in the penis are weak and can easily tear under pressure. This; however, is not the only procedure of jelqing but it is the most common. Each individual can choose what works best for them.

Does It Work?
Although many reviews as well as testimonials point to the fact this penis enlargement method can actually work; there is very limited scientific evidence to support this assertion. In addition, none of all the other methods of penus enlargement have proved to be more effective than jelqing. Compared with the other methods, it is relatively safer to jelq if done correctly. The other methods including use of creams as well as surgical enhancement have very serious side effects and complications. Jelqing done poorly can cause penile irritation, desensitization, disfigurement, scar formation and blood vessel tearing.