The penus is one of the main body organs that distinguish a man from a woman. Do you ever wonder about your ‘little brother’ and whether it measures up to others? Here are a few facts about your penus:

Length : The average erected penus measures about 5.1 inches while a flaccid one is 3.5 inches long. The unfortunate thing is a lot of men’s penuses measure below this size.
Width: Did you know that women prefer a wider penus than a longer one during sex? The average erected penus has a diameter of 3.5 cm.

Speed: It is amazing how fast it takes before your stuff is out. The average airspeed of ejaculation is 45 km/h.

Volume: The average man produces 1.5-tea spoon of semen per ejaculation. It is also true that this amount of semen contains about 275 million sperms.

Calories: The average number of calories in a teaspoon of semen is 7.

Ejaculation time: It takes most men about 2.6 minutes to ejaculate after stimulation. This is referred to as premature ejaculation. About 85% of men have premature ejaculations.
Number of ejaculations: The average man will on average produce 15 ejaculations each month when he is in his 20s. This number reduces to 5 times a month when he is in his 60s. The average man ejaculates 7,000 times in his lifetime.

Blood Flow To The Penus: The circulation of blood impacts directly on your sex drive and sexual performance. Over 75% of men suffer from restricted or poor blood flow to their penus.

Smoking: They do not say smoking is harmful to your health for nothing. Smoking is associated with numerous health conditions. One of the negative aspects of smoking is that it reduces the blood flowing to your penus during an erection. This is why some smokers have trouble maintaining an erection. Smoking can also reduce the size of your penus by up to one centimeter.

Large surface area: Did you know that sometimes doctors use the penus foreskin to grow new skin for patients who have suffered serious burns? It is because the foreskin of the penis could cover up to 23,000 square meters- space equivalent to three soccer fields.
Sexual Experience: It is a little known fact that the average sexual experience takes about 39 minutes.

Erect Penus: On average, it only takes two tablespoons of blood to erect a man’s penis.
Regain erection: It will take a man from 2 minutes to 2 weeks to regain erection. It takes a month for a man who is over 60 years.

Erection: The average man experiences 11 erections in a day and 9 erections during the night.

Shrinking Penus: The average man looses half an inch of the original length of his penus by the age of 50.

Penus as a Souvenir: In the 13 century, the Egyptians destroyed Libya and one of the interesting features of their victory is that, they took 13,230 penuses of the defeated enemies to serve as trophies.

The Penus is not straight: All penuses bend slightly to the right or left.
Penis Enlargement: An African tribe in Uganda- Karamoja- has a rare penis enlargement technique. They tie a weight on the end of their penuses to enlarge them.